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Q: Where can I purchase JHB International Buttons?

We've added the top JHB button styles to both our wholesale and retail website and the discontinued styles are available (wholesale only) at closeouts.buttons.com. The closeouts are currently listed at a discounted rate and once the inventory is gone, we will not be replenishing the stock.

Can I order online?

Yes! We now are selling our buttons to everyone and you can purchase buttons wholesale and buttons retail. For wholesale accounts we require a tax resale number, but anyone can purchase on our retail site.

Do you have coupons available?

Yes we only offer coupons on our retail website. If you are interested in these coupons please sign up for our email newsletter. Our coupons and/or discounts do not apply to our wholesale website, wholesale pricing or any wholesale account. We occasionally will have sales or promotions on our wholesale site and we notify our wholesale customers via email, but coupon codes currently do not work on our wholesale website.

Can I buy buttons in bulk?

Many of our buttons can be purchased in bulk. If you are interested in buying buttons by the gross, please call or email customer service for prices and availability. 1-800-553-4158 sales@blumenthallansing.com.

We also offer smaller packages of Bulk Buttons on our retail website if you are looking for basic sewing buttons.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

How are buttons sold? Can I buy buttons loose?

Buttons are generally packaged or carded, but some may be purchased loose. If you are buying carded product, you need to order in pack size of 3 cards each. Certain lines can be purchased loose or un-carded. The minimum quantity is 2 dozen (24 pcs.) For specific products you are interested in, call Customer Service for more information.

How soon will I receive my order? Is there any way to get it sooner?

Depending on the item and how large your order is, we generally ship within 48-72 hours. We ship FedEx. If you need your order quickly, please contact Customer Service and we will do our best to help you. All orders are shipped from Florence, AL.

How do I remove buttons from a card with a wire staple?

If you are trying to remove a sew through button, take a seam ripper or some thing similar, and lift the staple from the top of the button. (Being careful not to scratch the button) Then take a staple remover and remove the staple from the back of the card.

If you are trying to remove a shank button, bend the card at the staple and lift the button off. If the staple comes with the button, remove it with a staple remover.

What is the best way to personalize your Lovelabels?

A ball point pen works best, or a Micron .45 mm line width marker.

Your website is not displaying properly.

Our new website Buttons.com (formerly ButtonLovers.com) is best viewed in Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Google Chrome 23 or higher and Mozilla Firefox 19 or higher. It is compatible on both Windows and Mac platforms in the above browsers. Anything lower than those browsers has not been tested.

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