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Our Favorite Findings Button Shank Remover is the best tool for button crafting that you can buy. This is a quick easy way to cleanly and neatly remove the shank off of any button to create a nice smooth back. And the pink rubberized grip makes it very comfortable to use. People use these backless buttons for an embellishment on a scrapbook pages, greeting cards, craft projects, button art and all sorts of other things. With so many people creating button art these days, this is a very popular tool.

For some great examples of button art check out our Pinterest page. The best way to use it is as follows. Holding the button in your non prominent hand put the cutting edge flat against the back of the button you want to remove the shank from. Then with the button shank remover held in place with your prominent hand, put your other hand over the button shank to prevent it from flying up. Then with your prominent hand firmly squeeze closed the button shank remover around the shank of the button. Discard the cut off shank. For buttons with a thicker shank, you may want to cut through one side at a time. Have fun creating! If you want to share what you made, we would love to see it!

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Button Shank Remover
Button Shank Remover - 3 Packs of 1 Remover
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